treeshadows monadnock cornstalks icebones
2 paths watatic ski park bridge1 red door
cat tails heron bear skin ice icy
red ice concord ice concord fence fence again
bench snowing snow ski red iced
icy 1 snow field snowy road over heald
ice on hood ice on hood 1 snow on bushes snow shadow
heald pond snow heald pond tracks water and ice ice cut
snow on bricks tracks on ice tracks on ice 1 harbor sunset
trestle pillows lowell statue red harbor melt on needles
white on red snowy leaves reed house harbor after snow
light snow cold leaves icey needles bike
going in to nh snow trail snow on pine snowy field
designing leaf edge of snow portsmouth snow portsmouth church
common empty ice pedestals cold water
snowy marsh ice edge frosts snow on cobbles
boardwalk dentist's field snow crowns